Reject the notion that you have to “contribute” to a capitalist society in order to deserve food, water, and shelter.



A human being’s worthiness of basic necessities should not be determined by their capacity to produce profit for corporations. 

Thinking that is completely ableist because it equates human worth with the ability to work.

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my white mutuals who have sense. thank you for staying in your lane, knowing your privilege and respecting my rants.

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In Ferguson, police have:
- Gunned down a teenager in the street, hands already above his head
- Referred to black neighborhoods as “fucking animals”
- Dispersed a candlelight vigil with tear gas and rubber bullets
- Occupied neighborhoods and stationed tanks on street corners
- Shut down a McDonald’s, arresting two reporters in the process
- Ordered media crews out of the city and confiscated video
- Arrested members of St. Louis city council for tweeting

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how is obama gon preach non-violence in response to ferguson while he continues to bomb people in somalia, yemen, pakistan, afghanistan, and other countries in the global south and fund billions to israel

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i keep seeing poor souls try to move to new york tryna pay $500 a month for an apartment share like it’s 2008. you’re all actually delusional. please stay home.  

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In the world of 50 Shades, I — a queer Domme — am unthinkable.

- On Autostraddle, the uber-talented azura09 on the shitty, misleading, and often offensive genericness of BDSM lit (via alishalevin)

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